2009 - Yearly Report on Italian Sparkling Wine

Italian Bubbles' Market&Consumers

World toastings qualified by bubble wines made in Italy. Bubbles are not forgone, especially abroad. Present in 74 Countries.

An Increase in worth of 12%. In Italy, national production is rising. Asti and Prosecco are leaders.

Export. So many toastings abroad featured by Italian bubbles.

For the first time, export surpasses home consumption. Italy 2nd world exporter. Germany, one market chosen at random.

The case of Champagne, an evolving myth.


Source: Ovse,  Customs, Importers, Wine Houses, Protection Consortiums and Associations, Istat-Ismea, Assocameraestero,Research Institutes. 

2009 Italian Bubble's Boom

2009 tab World shipments

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